Project Breakdown

Jahez is a platform that helps you find and order food from wherever you are. Install the mobile application, type in an address, we list the restaurants that deliver to that location. Based on your choice, we will deliver your food with our state of the art delivery system, you can track your meal as needed, and you will be notified once the driver is close to you.



Splash screen made simple to minimize the distractions form users and allow the app to load the data in the background.



Home screen allow users to have a brief look at all the hottest places meals and offers as well as categories trendings…



Your favorite places that you visit available to you on just one tab



Restaurant Menu allows the users to pick their favorite food plate from the menu and discover the latest and hottest deals for the restaurant.



Users can check out their meals customize it and add or remove ingredients from it as well as the quantity of it before adding it to the cart and select the time to receive the order as well


Sign In

allowing the users to login to their account addresses to help with their purchases. Users can login using facebook also and other social media accounts



Simple way to create and verify users details by filling the needed data then complete it later from their profile settings.


User Profile

User profile help users to be on the right track with their information their orders as well as their favorite places and customize their profile information.


Order History

From here users can keep on track of their orders history and their invoices in details, as well as the can reorder the same previous order just by adding it again to their cart



From the settings users can customize their profile information payment information as well as their addresses and notifications profile photo and other information.


My Information

From here the users can update their profile information as well as completing their registration information, and linking their social media accounts