Gaza Community Mental Health Program. “GCMHP”


Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP) is a non-profit civil organization which was established in 1990 and works in the fields of mental health and human rights. It strives to take the Palestinian society

to a high level of mental health through providing clinical, social, and research and training services in addition to gathering support and advocating for women and children, victims of violence and human rights violations.
In recognition of GCMHP’s ongoing work for more than two decades, the Program and its founder the late Dr. Eyed El Sarah were awarded many prestigious international awards in the fields of mental health and human rights. GCMHP works within strategic plans which are developed on regular basis according to the needs of the society. The Program believes in the values of integrity, transparency, social responsibility, good governance and respect for human rights.

The Program has an executive administration that implements action plans and is held accountable before the board of directors, which is part of the General Assembly of the Program. The General Assembly consists of thirty five professional and prestigious public figures from various professional and social backgrounds.

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