Project Breakdown

Cross platform mobile Blog app design for both android and ios devices. It’s main goal to deliver website content in a beautiful way by presenting the screens and the content in a good User interface and a good user experience. The app contain a simple coloring game to entertain users as well as a video and photo’s section that add’s a complete solution for entertaining users and keeping them updated and having fun while using the app.



Splash screen made simple to minimize the distractions form users and allow the app to load the data in the background.



Home screen allow users to have a brief look at all the hottest and featured posts from the app.



More Details about the posts the app has been presenting with the ability to share the posts on all social media at the users device.


Video reviews

Videos and reviews from the tech industry to help BLOG App users keeping up with the latest tech industry news and keeping up with the new gadgets tools and softwares.


Photo gallery

Photo gallery of the latest viral photos as well as the hottest entertaining photos across the web.


Coloring book

Allowing users to be more creative while they spend their time on the app by giving them the opportunity to use our small game COLORING BOOK simply by choosing a drawing and start coloring it, users can leave the app and go do their day to day tasks and go back to their coloring book and the app will save the last made changes at the app, after the user has finish the drawing he/she can share it with other social media or apps with their loved ones and friends